There are many public parks, trails, and fields on or near the Halifax peninsula. Some are large and well knows like Point Pleasant Park, while others like Nick Meagher Community Park are very small and may be unknown to people who do not live near by. This project is designed to educate people living on the peninsula about some of the local public spaces available for outdoor recreation and enjoyment on the Halifax side of the harbour. To make sure travel by bus or bicycle does not take an excessive amount of time the area of consideration is limited to the peninsula and Fairview/Clayton Park/Bayers Lake area.

For each place a short description is given along with a slideshow to allow an initial virtual visit. Location information is provided using Google Maps, Mapquest, and Google Earth. The buses servicing the area are listed as well as the bicycle route information from HRM's bicycle map. For people into geocaching, the geocaches available are listed too.

To visit a "green space", click on a dot from the maps below or use the place name links on the left.

Halifax Peninsula Area

Near the Peninsula

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