Fort Needham Park

On December 6, 1917, the biggest man-made explosion prior to the atom bomb occurred in Halifax Harbour. Halifax was a booming port involved in the World War I effort, but on that December morning the Mont-Blanc, loaded with munitions bound for the war in France, collided with the Imo. The end result was an explosion that devastated the city. Buildings were flattened, more than a thousand people were dead by the end of the day, a thousand more would die before it was all over, and nine thousand people were left injured. The bell tower in this park was erected as a memorial "to those who lost their lives or suffered injuries ... and to the survivors who rebuilt the cities or Halifax & Dartmouth."

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Intersection of Young St. and Novalea Drive.
N 44.6650 W 63.6008 ( Google Maps - MapQuest - Google Earth )

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On a primary bicycle route. (Halifax Bike Map)

  • Walking trails
  • Park benches
  • Garbage cans
  • Playground
  • Sports court

    Open 5am to 11pm.

  • Bell Tower Memorial (GCPCEB)
  • Fort Needham Memorial Park (GCQMZM)
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