Halifax Common Park

The Halifax Common Park (better known as the Commons) is split into two sections near Citadel Hill. Supporting facilities such as several ball fields, a playground, a scateboard park, open areas to walk, and benches to take a rest, it is rare to find no one using the area.

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Bordered by Robie St., Cunard St., North Park St., Trollope St., and Bell Road.
N 44.6490 W 63.5890 ( Google Maps - MapQuest - Google Earth )

Trail Maps
Map from Trails Nova Scotia.

Bus Service
- Route 3 (Map) (Schedule)
- Route 5 (Map) (Schedule)
- Route 6 (Map) (Schedule)
- Route 7 (Map) (Schedule)
- Route 17 (Map) (Schedule)
- Route 18 (Map) (Schedule)
- Route 20 (Map) (Schedule)
- Route 21 (Map) (Schedule)
- Route 31 (Map) (Schedule)
- Route 32 (Map) (Schedule)
- Route 33 (Map) (Schedule)
- Route 34 (Map) (Schedule)
- Route 53 (Map) (Schedule)
- Route 59 (Map) (Schedule)
- Route 68 (Map) (Schedule)
- Route 80 (Map) (Schedule)
- Route 82 (Map) (Schedule)
- Route 84 (Map) (Schedule)
- Route 85 (Map) (Schedule)
- Route 86 (Map) (Schedule)
- Route 87 (Map) (Schedule)
For the entire Halifax-Dartmouth route map click here.
For schedule changes see the Metro Transit website.

Bike Access
On primary bicycle routes with some caution areas. (Halifax Bike Map)

  • Walking trails
  • Park benches
  • Garbage cans
  • Playground and skateboard park
  • Sports fields and courts

    No restrictions posted.

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